Saturday, September 13, 2014

Captain The Pirate Kitty Finds The World's Greatest Treasure




By Shelby Olson

    Captain the pirate kitty was a very greedy pirate, who loved treasure very much.
In fact, he loved treasure so much, that he had a whole island filled with his
treasure! But it was never enough. Something was missing. Captain felt like he
had a hole in his heart, and thought that if he could just find one more
treasure chest, he would finally find happiness.

   One day while sailing in his pirate ship Captain saw a note in a bottle floating
on the ocean. Excited that it could be a treasure map, he quickly snatched it
up. When he pulled the note out Captain leaped for joy. It was a treasure map!
But not just any treasure map, this map said it lead to the greatest treasure in
the whole world!

   So Captain began to follow the map to the world's greatest treasure. First he
had to sail north to Fishbone Island. So Captain turned his ship around, and
sailed north as fast as his ship could sail.

   When Captain arrived at the shore of Fishbone Island, he pulled out the map to
read the next direction. The map said to find the steep and narrow path. And
warned not to walk down the wide path, for whoever walks the wide path will
surely die. Captain looked ahead and saw the two paths. The narrow one was so
steep and looked too hard to walk. The wide path looked pretty and was a easy
downhill walk. But Captain knew he had to take the narrow path if he wanted to
get the treasure and keep his life. So he started up the narrow path.

   As Captain was walking up the path, he realized that even though it was a
difficult walk, he felt peace and happiness for the first time in his pirate
kitty life.

   After a while, Captain pulled the treasure map out again to read the next
direction. The map told him to find the rock with a cross on it. Captain looked
ahead and saw the rock not to far ahead of him. When he finally got to the rock,
he stopped for the next instruction. The map said to dig infront of the rock
until he found the metal box.

   So Captain began to dig. He dug and dug until he was almost about to give up.
But he saw the shiny top of a metal box! As he dug the rest of the dirt away,
Captain wondered what was inside. Was it gold, diamonds, rubies? What could it

   Captain opened the box only to find a small gold heart with the inscription:

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son. And whosoever
believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16"

   Under the heart was a note that read:

  "Congratulations, you have found the
world's greatest treasure! If you believe this treasure is true, and invite
Jesus into your heart asking forgiveness for your sins, you will live forever
and ever safe in His loving arms.

   Now that you have this treasure, you need to share it with everyone. Bury
the treasure, then go into all the world sharing the map to the world's greatest
treasure because, it was given to all people everywhere if they choose to


Christopher Mustardseed"

   So Captain believed and obeyed. He burried the treasure, then sailed around the
world sharing the map with every single person he met, pointing the way to the
world's greatest treasure. Captain was no longer a greedy pirate, and that hole
in his heart was filled to overflowing with the love of Jesus.

© copyright 2014 Shelby Olson

"Captain" Shelby's adopted shelter cat who is the inspiration for Captain the Pirate Kitty.



Captain and his pet mouse

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