Monday, September 29, 2014


      I received this NIV College Devotional Bible to review through Book Look Bloggers. It is better than I anticipated! I would definitely say this is a "must have" for any teen or young adult. As a student at a local community college full of Muslims, Atheists, and having three Anti-God/Atheist clubs, this Bible is invaluable to me.

     The devotions are very thought provoking and personal. It's hard to put this Bible down once you start reading, it's that good! I challenge any believer to read just one devotion, then put it down...I doubt many can! I carry this Bible with me to school and use it a lot when evangelizing other students on campus. I love that it is NIV, because the NIV gospel of John is so compelling to believers and non-believers alike. The print is a easy-to-read size, so most people should have no problem reading the print.

     I plan on taking this bible with me when I move on to Seminary in a few months. I can't express how wonderful this devotional Bible is, I highly recommend it to any student! A great gift for anyone to give a student who's going off to college to help  keep them in God's Word and spiritually fit in today's world!

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