Sunday, December 28, 2014

NKJV Note-Taker's Bible


         I got this Bible to review, and planned on taking it to seminary classes with me. But after reviewing it, I was really disappointed. The "note space" is on the side and bottom margins and only about 1" in width. I do not write small well, it takes me longer to do so. So, this Bible is definitely not for someone who does not have very small handwriting. Even with micro hand writing, it would be near impossible to write more than a few notes per page, unless your notes are limited to two or three words, not sentences. The text is labeled as standard size print, but compared to other Bibles in standard sized print, this text is at least one or two fonts smaller. I have good vision, so that is not a problem for me. However, my roommate uses reading glasses, and she said it was too small for her to read. After seeing the limited space I looked in back for the number of blank pages to use for note, and was surprised to only find one blank page for notes! It has a nice hard cover, words of Christ in red, and no concordance. Width is fairly slim, so it does not take up very much space on your bookshelf.

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