Friday, December 5, 2014

Pink NIrV Plush Bible

I got this Bible, because I love pink! The cover on this Bible is a soft plush with a hot pink color and tiny silver glitter-like dots. The cover was a little damaged brand new out of the box, the fabric is ripped in a few areas. The tears are very minor, and hardly noticeable at all. But, being in this condition when it hadn't even been used yet, makes me think this cover will not last long at all. The NIrV is a very easy-to-understand version, making Bible study for children and those new to the Bible more comprehensible. This is marketed as a children's Bible, but the cover on it is pretty fragile for a odd combination. Aside from that, the print is easy to read, this Bible does have a concordance and list of Bible stories with the book and chapter to find them in. As a children's Bible, I would rate the plush Bible 3 out of five stars, because of the easily torn plush cover.

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