Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zondervan Little Bunny's Bible Book Review

I got this very cute book to write a review on it here. This book is very soft, fuzzy, sturdy, and  lightweight. It is perfect for children 5 and under, and safe enough to leave in a crib with a young baby at nap-time or night. All pages are thick and sturdy with round edges. The story's are short and written in poems so they will not exceed the attention span of a little toddler. I think the rhyming in the story will help the child to remember and memorize each story with ease. This is more of a story book than it is a Bible, as it does not have whole Bible books in it. This book contains the following stories: Creation, Daniel in the Lions' Den, Jonah, The Birth of Jesus, Jesus Feeds 5,000, and The Resurrection. I highly recommend giving this book to any small child. It's cuddly, has beautiful illustrations, introduces the Love and Glory of the King of Kings,  and I believe it will establish a love for God's Word in any small child. 

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